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Terms and conditions lottery


Terms and conditions to win a gift voucher for 200 $ and t-shirt from Avishag Arbel online

Filling in your details indicates your agreement to these terms and conditions. Therefore, we ask you to read them carefully.

Participation is also subject to the terms and conditions listed on the company’s website.

On date 11.1.21 There will be a raffle that will be entered by anyone who follows the instructions in full through the facebook post.

Registration for the lottery will be possible until 10.1.21 at 12 PM.

3 lucky winners will be drawn.

Activity Editor

Avishag Arbel Ltd. (here in after: "Avishag Arbel")

The lottery supervisors are Adv. Yinon Shai and CPA Nir Sinman.

Eligible to participate in the activity

Eligible to participate in the activity - any woman who has filled in all the required details in full.

• “Avishag Arbel” employees are prohibited from participating in the activity.

The nature of the activity and the conditions of participation in it

  • Anyone wishing to enter the raffle must follow the instructions in full as required in the raffle post.
  • The lottery participant must be pregnant.
  • The participant declares that her very participation in the activity constitutes her consent to the provisions of these regulations and her participation is subject to them.

*It will be clarified that the activity is not conducted with the support and / or sponsorship of Facebook and there is no connection to it.

The lottery draw

  • The winners will be drawn in a lottery that will be held with a participant of the company 'Avishag Arbel' and in the presence of an accountant / attorney.
  • The lottery will take place on Monday 11.1.21 at the company's offices / at the offices of an attorney / accountant.
  • The winners of the raffle will be final and unassailable.

The award

  • The winners of the lottery will be eligible for the following prize: a voucher for a total of 200$ to purchase clothes on the 'Avishag Arbel' website + a 'TEAM BOY / GIRL' t-shirt for each of the winners, provided they meet the conditions of the lottery.

*The t-shirt is a gift and cannot be exchanged.

  • The prize is personal and non-transferable.

• Avishag Arbel will be entitled to change the prize at any time, up to the date of the actual lottery, in its sole discretion. In the event of such a change, a notice will be given on the company's website and Facebook page, prior to the raffle.

Announcing the winner

  • The winner will be located by announcing the names of the winners on the company's social media pages, including tagging the winners. In addition, a message will be sent to the inbox of each of the winners.

Notification and delivery of the prize

  • At the end of the raffle, the names of the winners will be announced on the Facebook and Instagram pages of 'Avishag Arbel' and a message will be sent to the inbox of the winners on how to receive the prize.

• According to details filled in by the participants in the lottery, Avishag Arbel will contact the winners and after their identity is matched, the manner in which the prize will be handed out will be coordinated with them.


  • It is hereby clarified that the selection of winners is final, absolute and cannot be appealed, and the participants will have no claim in this regard.

Participation or non-participation in the activity will not in any case constitute grounds for any claim and / or demand against Avishag Arbel. .

  • Avishag Arbel' will be entitled to announce the termination of the activity and / or to extend and / or shorten the survey period at any time and the participants will have no claim in the matter.

• 'Avishag Arbel' reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the activity and the provisions of these regulations from time to time, at its sole discretion. A notice regarding the change of the terms of the activity and / or the change of the provisions of the regulations will be posted on the Facebook page of 'Avishag Arbel'. The change on the activity page will be considered as a notice under this section.

Wishing you luck,

Avishag Arbel

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