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Morning sickness and other delights

 A whole new definition to not being amorning person”

Morning sickness is the worst. They say that it’ll pass after the first trimester, But why suffer at all? What if I tell you that there are ways to feel better – a lot better and fast!

Before we get into our list of tips of how to avoid nausea, be sure to stay away from the big no no's: fried foods. Befriend ginger and stack your fridge with popsicles (you can find ones that are organic and without food colouring). In addition, carbs are everything, (best news ever no?!) Be sure to add carbs to your breakfasts. Please, don’t deprive yourself from eating- we've got some tips for morning sicknesses rellief as well as morning sickness at night. 


 So, here are our tips:

Home made remedies: In ancient Rome, pregnant women would drink Cinnamon Tea and Lime Juice first thing in the morning. However, in Indonesia, women drink Coconut water. In Austria, on the other hand, pregnant women drink Fennel Tea and in Japan they eat Umeboshi plums to help ease the discomfort and get  morning sickness relief.


       Small Meals: The most important thing is to try and maintain a balanced blood sugar level. Your body needs nutrients and the best way is to feed youself and keep nausia to a minimum is to eat small meals throughout the day.

It might even be wise, perhaps, to not adhere to the traditional three meals a day system (as we are accustomed to), but to eat whenever you’re hungry. If you spread your meals out throughout your day, you will decrease nausea and heartburn and in addition, help keep your blood sugar level balanced and healthy. 


       Carbs during pregnancy: As much as that’s true, we are talking about adding carbs to your morning routine specifically. Start your day with complex carbohydrates to really kick that morning sickness in the gut. Any carb will help absorb the acid that’s in your stomach after you wake up. And just one more tip- try to postpone drinking any liquids until you feel the nausea fading away (this might sound a little unusual but many women get nauseous after drinking too much water).


  Eating during pregnancy Don’t stop eating, said no one ever, except for now😉 Usually, when you’re nauseous your body is asking you to slow down and give it a rest. In this situation, your pregnant body actually needs you to keep eating. Make sure you’re eating small portions to keep your digestive system healthy.


       Unfriend the Oil: Anything fried, high in fat and heavily seasoned isn’t the right fit for you right now. We know it’s hard, but these kinds of foods will make you even more nauseous and may even increase heartburn. Hearburn during pregnancy is also common. 

Some women even say that coffee makes them nauseas throughout their pregnancy, but that shouldn’t be a problem considering you have to avoid coffee anyway.


       Ginger and Popsicles are the way to go: Our summer recommendation is to make a pitcher with lemonade, ginger and honey. But don’t have too much of that, as you may actually cause the opposite of the desired effect to occur.

Our winter recommendation is to warm yourself up with a herbal tea with Melissa leaves, chamomile flowers or mint for a calming effect.

But overall, our all-time recommendation is to just mix shredded ginger with honey, and add warm water; and you’ve got yourself a very healthy and calming beverage.

Another thing that can really assist with nausea,are popsicles. Stack your freezer with different kinds of popsicles (try getting organic ones, with no added sugar), and every time you feel a little nauseous, reach for one of those popsicles, for an instant calming effect.


       Alternative Medicine: There are different types of Alternative Medicines that could suit you. You just need to choose the right one.

Acupuncture, Homeopathy or perhaps Naturopathy.


       Exercise: Not only is it healthy for you to workout during your pregnancy, but it can really help with your nausea.

The best workouts are jogging and swimming. Although, you must be careful! Sports that increase your heart rate are potentially  dangerous for your pregnancy.(eg,; like running or step aerobics) We recommend you find yourself a great prenatel traner to follow and be on the safe side, and stick to whatever makes you feel good.


       Sleep Well: Don’t underestimate a good night’s sleep. Waking up tired and grumpy will only increase anxiety and stress and that is never good. Getting a full night’s sleep and doing what you can to go to bed at a decent time will really upgrade your day.


   Perspective: Perspective and patience. It is important to realize that this is temporary and you will most probably not suffer from nausea by the end of the first trimester/ beginning of the second trimester.


   Almonds and Walnuts: Both are really helpful and can really ease the nausea you’re suffering from. This tip is especially practical as you can carry these nuts everywhere and have them right with you in your bag in case of a “nausea emergency”. 


   Heartburn during pregnancy are you suffering? If so, Yogurt and cucumber are a wonderful home remedy that can really help with the discomfort of heartburn and nausea as well.

*This is not medical advice and does not replace speaking to a doctor. Please read this with caution and understand that these are only our tips and do not substitute to any medical opinion.


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