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Maternity Jeggings

Buying a pair of jeggings could be the smartest pregnancy purchase you make!

No wardrobe is complete without a pair of blue jeans – and maybe also a pair in black. And being pregnant doesn’t make this any less true!

Jeans go with anything - you can dress them up or down depending on your mood, and they can take you from morning through to evening. You could even consider holding on to one pair of basic, timeless classics and another pair that’s more en vogue, to show you’re still down with the latest fashion trends.


When it comes to size, remember this cardinal rule – Avishag Arbel designs maternity styles based on your regular jean size, so you buy the same size as you wore before the bump! It’s important to be comfortable, which probably doesn’t mean going for the tightest pair on the sales rack. Be careful not to over-size either - remember that jeans expand by up to half a size with wear, returning to their original size after washing.

While there's no reason to say goodbye to your cute, shapely jeans while pregnant, with jeggings, jeans become even more versatile. Imagine the cool, flattering style of jeans, with all the comfort of your favorite stretch leggings – a combination that’s the holy grail of pregnancy fashion!

At Avishag Arbel, we have a large selection of jeans and jeggings to cover every taste and occasion, from hip to classic, fitted to super-stretch, smart to casual. Our styles come in a variety of washes and colors and have features like cut-outs for maximum comfort as your shape changes throughout your pregnancy.

Whether you’re looking for a distressed, casual look, a band-free style that looks just like normal jeans, or a pair of classic whites to see out the summer, you’ll find all this and more in our maternity jeans collection.


Get the magic of jeggings – jeans, with the feeling of leggings!


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