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What to expect when your expecting


What to expect when you’re expecting

It’s all about change! Prepare yourself for physical and mental transformations. They will definitely occur. Your stomach won’t be the only body part that will be likely to grow. So, we’re here to explain and also provide some useful tips.


Don’t freak out, you might not recognize your own feet, and that’s normal! Your shoe size might also even change a size or two. If you’re pregnant during the summer you’ve lucked out, because flip-flops are not only a great and comfortable solution; but a chic and stylish one too. Pair them with a maxi bohemian dress and you’ve got yourself a chic, cute, and summery outfit.

Try elevating your feet as much as possible. Place a pillow under them, as you relax for even a moment or lie down to rest. This may  relieve some pain from walking around.


You might notice that your ankles are swelling up as well as other body parts. That’s probably due to Edema. Sometimes ankles can swell up so much that women prefer wearing long pants even in the summer so they can feel and be more comfortable. That is why we have a variety of pants that are intended to be worn in the summer. Breezy, fashionable and of course - comfortable pants suited just for you. If you live in Israel (or anywhere else where you can still feel the summer in November) these pants are especially for you.


The Pelvic Region:

During pregnancy your Pelvis is expected to grow and widen, from the waist down. This is (like everything else) is perfectly normal. Don’t you worry- we’ve got you! The best and smartest solution for this is Lycra.

Nearly every piece in our collection consists of a high percentage of lycra. That way, your clothes are literally suited just for you and will grow as you do, how great is that? Whether you like your clothes tight, or if you prefer them looser, go ahead and buy exactly your size. There’s no need to concern yourself with getting a bigger size so you’ll fit into them, we’ve done the work for you 😊.

Wondering why NEARLY all our pieces are made with a high percentage of Lycra, but not all of them? It’s simply because we also have a beautiful collection of Pants that are designed for a wider fit, therefore, there is no need for lycra.




Waist and lower abdomen:

It is likely that your belly will begin to be noticeable around the third month of your pregnancy. But before you start worrying and thinking that there’s no way you’ll be fashionable in the next six months or so, relax! We’ve thought of everything. We can make your life easier with some of the innovative and clever patents.

You may not be used to it, but maternity pants will sit on you, lower than usual. Don’t worry though, they won’t fall. Those patents that we mentioned above, are actually hardly visible to the eye and you will be the only one to notice them. On both sides of the pants there is stretchy material. It extends and expands. It is super comfortable!

We can’t talk about pants without mentioning our wide range of maternity Jeans. You will find a wide variety of jeans with different designs; to your own personal liking. Some jeans even have belt rings, if you’d like to wear a belt, while the rubber band underneath holds the jeans in place.


If you have an “Innie” you may find yourself looking down and realizing you suddenly have an “Outie”. Obviously, we are talking about your bellybutton. If you aren’t so happy with this change or don’t feel comfortable having it show, choose and purchase shirts that are wider and suited for a looser fit.



Your belly grows all the way from the bottom of your chest till your waist, that is why we make our shirts with fabric that is especially suited for your needs with the ability to stretch. All of the “Avishag Arbel” shirts and blouses are made especially to fit every pregnant woman throughout her entire pregnancy. The shirt may not appear to cover your growing belly, but they are created to fit you at every stage due to our special designs; starting from the beginning when your stomach is smaller and even after you have given birth. We have thought of it all 😊.



During your pregnancy, your back becomes curvier. With any stretchy and tight fitting outfit you won’t really feel the difference, but with clothes made out of twill (which is a fabric that is a little harsher and won’t stretch as much) you may find a little air pocket between the clothing and your back. That’s fine, that doesn’t mean you have to give up wearing that fabric for the next nine months. However, it is best to buy twill shirts that are suitable for pregnancy.

Isn’t it already obvious that we’ve got your back (pun intended)? A well-made pregnancy top is one that is made with care and designed especially for the natural changes of a pregnant woman’s body.



Your breasts are likely to grow into your third month, and then again towards the end of the pregnancy. Some women love this change and embrace it, and some will do all it takes to make them less visible.

For a larger chest a v-cut shirt or wrap top is a perfect fit and will really flatter your curvy body. The wrap top is actually the best of both worlds, not only does it hug you in all the right places, but you will easily be able to breast feed your baby when needed, with no trouble. Since we’ve already brought up breastfeeding, we recommend purchasing a good maternity and nursing bra, sometime in your third trimester (one that will really support your breasts during the pregnancy and will also be suitable for nursing as well), and we happen to know a place where you can get the best one 😊.



You may notice that your shoulders appear to getting wider, that being said, lots of pregnant women actually like showing off their shoulders and we think that's great. It is so great that we’ve created various pieces in our collection that will flatter that area of your body. You will find multiple strapless tops and dresses to your likings. We assure you.



Yes, you may look in the mirror and notice your face is a touch wider, but so what? That is a just a little change happening and it’s nothing compared to the huge change of welcoming a baby into your life. Embrace it. The only thing we can recommend wearing so you’ll feel and look better, is a smile.

  All we are trying to say is, there will be some changes, it’s inevitable and it’s part of the process of bringing a child into the world. Every woman will experience these physical changes in different ways, some more extreme than others. We aren’t underestimating the difficulty that you are likely experiencing, but we come from a place of knowledge. We have years of experience in the fashion and maternity world. We are mothers ourselves. We can honestly and truly say that these physical changes are nothing compared to the huge gift you will be receiving very, very  soon. For us, that is worth everything.

We wish you an easy, healthy, beautiful and fun pregnancy. Yes, fun! Don’t forget to enjoy yourself during this amazing period in your life.

Yours truly 

The Avishag Arbel Team.



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