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Sex during pregnancy?!

That’s a YES for us!

It’s pleasurable and it’s good for the relationship with your partner, so why the hell not? Now that we’re all for it, we’re going to explain how it’s done.


Every woman is different, and every woman likes different things, and different things make different women happy. But every woman has her needs and there’s no reason why her needs shouldn’t be met. You deserve it!

Here’s what we think:

  1.    Be creative with positions. Your life is completely changing right now, so why not spice it up a little? Due to sensitivity in your breasts and your growing belly, you need to open yourself up to different and new positions. So, try new things like being on your side or being on top, for instance.


  1.    Always remember that this is a process and that things change throughout your pregnancy. Positions or specific things you may have enjoyed, might not feel as good and comfortable during the first trimester. However, things may change and you will find them enjoyable and you even might experience multiple orgasms due to hormonal changes in your body.


  1.    And now to the best tip of all- if you’re already pregnant, there’s nothing to worry about. Go all in! No reason to be afraid, so why not try all the different things that you were nervous about before? The only answer to these questions is going ahead and trying different things. Take advantage of this time to really get to know your partner in ways you maybe hadn’t before.


When should you avoid sex? Only when the doctor says so or when you just don’t feel like it.

You get the point, don’t you? 😊 Go have fun and do what makes you happy! We wish you an easy, fun and satisfying pregnancy!


*This is not medical advice and does not replace speaking to a doctor. In any case of contraction or pain please speak to your doctor.


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