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12 Tips for dressing yourself during pregnancy


Your body might be changing, but your sense of style doesn’t have to. We’re here to help you keep it chic and fashionable while maintaining a very comfortable pregnancy.

Here are a few of our tips that definitely promise that you’ll be a “head turner” whilst walking down the street (or even just your hallway) without giving up your rightful need for comfort:

  1.    The title of the article speaks for itself, but if we weren’t clear enough - comfort is key. Choose items or outfits that you know you won’t feel any discomfort throughout your day. An outfit that makes you feel free to function all day long.
    our recommendation: a pair of maternity leggings, a simple top and our lounge pants will go a long way for comfort.



  1.        It’s all about the layers - It could be a cold December day, however, for you it feels like August in the Maldives (can’t a girl dream?). It’s important to have the ability to easily shed (or add) an item of clothing and not stress about being stuck in a knit turtleneck that seemed like a good idea a few hours back.

  1.        Embrace the change – in the past, you may have been used to purchasing items that emphasized your slim waistline; but it’s really so beautiful to be proud of the life growing within you. Perhaps the lesson to be learnt from the recent events throughout the past year should be to embrace the change, and ‘wear’ it with pride. You are beautiful! Show it! Try out different styles that emphasize different parts of your body. Your baby bump for instance?


  1.        Color me ‘outgoing’- an easy and fun way to make a fashion statement is by choosing a bold color. One bold color isn’t a bold decision, but a smart one.
    try out these cool items:


  1.     Maternity Jeans- How can we discuss Maternity Fashion without naming the number one ‘must-have’ in your closet? Of course, we are referring to your Maternity Jeans. You can say hello to your new best friend and companion for the next few months, an item that you can literally pair with anything. The Maternity Jeans we have at “Avishag Arbel” will make you forget what a “fashion emergency” ever felt like. Click here to see our denim selction and make sure to read "how to choose the perfect maternity jeans for you".


  1.        Underwear is Everything- The most important part of your outfit is the one that no one can see. It’s all about feeling good and protected. Whether it’s our maternity and Nursing Bras, or our underwear and shapewear, made perfectly to suit you. These items are surely ‘must-haves’ for feeling your best during and after your pregnancy. Make sure to spend some time in our underwear category and buy yourself appropriate undies for the next few months.



  1.        Did someone say Overalls? Pregnant or not this is a go-to outfit that will forever be a fashion statement. It's trendy, yet a classic, naughty but sophisticated and most importantly- comfortable. The Overall fits perfectly and comfortably on your growing body. Trust us, you won’t want to take them off at the end of the day.
    we would recommend:



  1.     Prints, Prints, Prints - Embrace this change in your life and play around with some of the trendiest prints out there. This is the time to really go “all in” and have some fun with leopard, stripe, floral prints - really any print your heart desires. Don’t be afraid to dare! 


  1.        Back to Basics- Mixing and Matching is really the key to a fashionable yet sustainable wardrobe. The more basic pieces you own, the more outfit options you will have. It’s as easy as that. Timeless pieces and basic items in your wardrobe are the foundation which your outfits are built on. Your maternity style and outfit options can be endless, if you stick to the basics and learn how to combine them with the different trendy pieces you already own or are excited to purchase. Check out our basic collection here for help.


10.    Dare to try - Lengths or Styles that you were convinced didn’t work for you in the past, might surprise you now. Step out of your comfort zone and try the midi length which could look great on you throughout your first trimester. Perhaps even try a tight fitting outfit, during your second and third trimester. Even if layering wasn’t “your thing”, it might just turn out to be the best look for you now.


11.   Go ‘oversize’ or go home- this is not an exaggeration; oversize is definitely the way to go if you’re interested in looking and feeling good. It doesn’t matter what body type you are, or even what month you’re in - the oversize look is always the best option. You can style it up or style it down, just be careful not to overdo it by mixing too many prints all at one time.



 12.   The Athleisure Trend- We know you see this trend growing everywhere. But come on, we all know it was meant especially for you. Match and combine sports wear that you already have (from pre-pregnancy) with any of our casual pieces. Any of our printed shirts, a tight t-shirt or our must-have maternity tights that come in various colors. They will provide you with support and comfort simultaneously, and you will rock the sporty chic look even if you aren’t on your way to the gym (we won’t tell). Head over to our Active category to have a full look at the goods!


So, what are you waiting for?

If you haven’t done so already, head over to our wide range of maternity categories to shop for all these looks. You will find it easy to buy maternity clothing that suits your individual needs, taste and style. Use our tips to build a very fashionable and chic maternity wardrobe of your own. Be sure to thank us when you’re overwhelmed with compliments.😊

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