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When to buy maternity clothing

Maternity clothes shopping - a matter of when, not if?


It happens to most of us at some point or another – you’re in your favorite clothing store and spot the cutest t-shirt, dress or jumpsuit, only to find as you take a closer look that you’ve wandered into the maternity section! And yet, once you’re actually pregnant, it’s hard to know when to make that transition from regular to pregnancy clothes.

when to but maternity clothes 

For some, being ready involves quite a mental shift – especially if you haven’t yet told your colleagues, or you aren’t quite prepared for seeing your waistline expand or losing sight of your toes! For others, it’s simply an unavoidable practicality from the end of the first trimester, when waistbands get tighter, zippers stop zipping up all the way and your once-long t-shirt starts to look more like a crop top!

Ready or not, there will come a time when you can no longer rely on your pre-pregnancy wardrobe to see you through. For a while, you may be able to manage your changing bust-size by using a bra extender between the clasps, but this will only take you so far as your cup size goes up. Your pelvis will also expand to accommodate delivery of your baby, and of course your belly will grow… and grow... and grow. You’ll soon find that you’re down to two of the eight pairs of pants in your wardrobe that are of any use – and they probably have elastic waist bands! Sure, you can ask your local seamstress to make the necessary accommodations, but perhaps you’d rather look forward to fitting back into your regular clothes again after your pregnancy.

If you do decide to go shopping, shop smart! Bear in mind that your body is unlikely to bounce right back to your pre-pregnancy shape and size for at least a few months, so think further than just the pregnancy itself. If you plan to nurse, look out for practical features like layered tops which let you feed your baby more comfortably. And do expect to find yourself shopping again in your third trimester – both for your own comfort as your body and boobs expand beyond the capacity of your clothes to contain them(!), and because, as the months go by, you’ll have passed through a couple of seasons.

We’ll leave you with one final thought: at Avishag Arbel, we’re confident you’ll find clothes to match your personal, pre-pregnancy style. But if you want to break out and try a completely new look, we say go for it!

In the mean time, here are some suggestions to get you started: 




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